Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Passing the muck

Passing the muck
Silt on the pavement in front of Diamond District makes it a hellish stretch for everyone in the vicinity

For thousands of people who either walked through or rode their bikes in front of Diamond District on Old Airport Road in the last three days, the experience has been a hellish one. Reason: Small mounds of muck dumped on the pavement!
What is unforgivable is the fact that the filth has been left behind by Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), the same agency that is supposed to keep the city’s environs clean. When Bangalore Mirror visited the spot, people were seen walking on the narrow space left on the footpath where the silt has been spilt.
“The BBMP had taken up drain repair works opposite Diamond District on HAL Airport Road last week. They removed the concrete slabs, unearthed the sludge and dumped it on the pavement. We thought they would clear the sludge immediately. But the festive season had its negative effect, the BBMP employees chose to take a break. The last three days being government holidays, nobody from the civic agency has taken interest in clearing the footpath to make way for pedestrians. We have been suffering,” a stationery shop owner on the road said.
The stench emanating from the muck is so horrible that people feel nauseated when they pass by the place. Sunil, a trader who owns a shop nearby said, “The stink is just unbearable. People have started to avoid that stretch now. They walk on the other side of the footpath and then cross the road to get to the other side. During peak hours it is really difficult for the people to cross the road”.
Moreover, as people walk on the main road to avoid stepping on the muck, motorists jostle for space while trying to avoid ramming into pedestrians. Further, a few potholes near the flyover add to the woes. “We come at a decent speed from Manipal Hospital junction and slow down near the flyover intersection. The foul odour that emanates from the slush that is dumped on the pavements is nauseating. I don’t know how the employees working in Diamond District and neighbouring shop-keepers are tolerating that dirty smell,” said Ramprakash, an employee of a software company in Domlur.
Hansika, a software engineer residing in Diamond District, said, “It has not been easy for us since the past two days. I do appreciate the authorities have taken up the desilting work of the drains which would otherwise result in water logging on the road. But the pace of the work is painfully slow. The stink is unbearable and there is no question of walking on the footpath at all”.


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