Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Watering holes park woes here

Watering holes park woes here

Residents plan to file pil for closure of bars & restaurants on 100 feet road, indiranagar

Soumya Menon. Bangalore

The raid on a bar and restaurant on Indiranagar 100 feet road by locals on Saturday has now become a larger problem for residents of the area, with the association and its members intending to take the matter to the High Court.
The residents claim that the larger issue of parking is not being addressed, while pubs and restaurants are of the opinion that the matter is being blown out of proportion. On Saturday, the residents of Indiranagar raided The Beach restaurant and nine people were allegedly arrested for allowing dancing without licence.
Members of the Residents Welfare Association of Indiranagar and senior advocate Pramila Nesargi have decided to file a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the High Court. Nesargi said on the day of the incident, she had visited the Indiranagar police station and the police had claimed that they would shut down at least 25 pubs and restaurants that were serving liquor and allowing dancing without licence. "The association had requested the police to revoke licences of all pubs and restaurants in the area and action against them was promised. But, nothing has been done as yet," she said.
There are at least 25-30 pubs, bars and restaurants on Indiranagar 100 feet road, where parking has been banned, following which people have been parking their vehicles in residential areas. m_soumya


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