Friday, September 11, 2009

Parking fee row is hotting up

Parking fee row is hotting up

Amid fears that the management of New Horizon College is going to expel five students for protesting against the introduction of parking fee, students are planning a demonstration on Monday, Arunima Rajan reports

Arunima Rajan

The students of New Horizon College of Management in Marathalli are planning a protest on Monday against an alleged move by the management to expel five students suspended for resisting introduction of a parking fee.
But the parking fee issue did not figure in the meeting of parents and teachers held on Thursday.
The dispute began when the college management introduced a parking fee for both two wheelers and four wheelers. They started charging Rs6,000 for four wheelers, Rs4,000 for two wheelers above 125cc, and Rs2,000 for bikes below 125cc.
Irked by this measure, the students started parking vehicles on the service road outside the campus. But since it was a 'no parking' zone, the traffic police slapped a fine on the vehicles.
"We can't allow students to park their vehicles on the service road as it will affect the flow of traffic. We fined some students to prevent the road block," said Srinivas Murthy, ACP for traffic (east).
Meena Sharma, a parent, came all the way from Lucknow to attend the meeting on Thursday after she received a call from the college authorities about the poor performance of her daughter.
"They told me my daughter was not performing well in exams. She has been studying there for over an year and they did not alert me about this until now. It's unfair on the part of the authorities to introduce such a heavy parking fee from students. As parents, we cannot afford to spend so much. The college bus services are also quite expensive," Sharma said.
The students of Engineering, BBM, and MBA sections staged a protest against the fee on September 3. But the authorities toughened their stand and suspended student protesters Dilip Kumar, Shivu S, Monish Naidu, Sajan Mathew, and Anoop.
"The parking fee is too much. I protested and was suspended for a week. The management has now started harassing students over wearing helmets," said Mathew.
"It is unfair to suspend only a few students when the entire student community participated in the protest. If they are charging us so much for parking our vehicles, the facility should be equally good. I'm not going to college for the past one week due to this problem," said a first-year student.
Students alleged that the parking lot did not even have a shelter.
"The parking facilities are substandard. Hence we keep our vehicles in the playground. We appealed to the management to reduce the fee. But they never listened," said Dilip Kumar, a second-year student.
Many students denounced what they termed as the "unjust" parking fee imposed by the authorities. They alleged that the authorities were threatening all critics of the new measure to leave the college. Some said teachers were not taking classes.
However, a member of the management told DNA that such allegations were baseless. "We have not requested any of the students to leave the college," he said on condition of anonymity.
"The playground of our college is a 'multi-purpose' facility. When it rains, the ground becomes so slushy it is difficult to take our vehicle from the ground. We are also planning to join the strike on Monday," said a second-year BE student.
The students also alleged that the management was demanding one month's salary from them if they got a job.
"The college charges this placement fee from BBM and Engineering students. If they do not give the money, the management will withhold our certificates," Shivu, the suspended student, said


At Sunday, September 13, 2009 at 8:04:00 PM GMT+5:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I’m a parent of one of the students of New Horizon College of Engineering. My ward has been studying in the college from past couple of years and I’ve seen him suffering inwardly because of the injustice that’s taking place. I feel so helpless because my daughter doesn’t allow me to talk to the management because they’ll trouble her.
From past one week the parking fees issue has become a serious battle between the college management and the students. But this just the tip of the iceberg! If you think paying such huge fees is unjust, there are many more such rules which not many are aware of!
For example, if found in the campus without an ID card, one has to pay Rs 100 fine, without any warning! If male students are found wearing Sandals or Floaters, they have to shell out a fine of Rs. 100. If found with a cell phone (irrespective of using it or not) one has to pay Rs 500 as a fine! Isn’t that outrageous?
The semester end exam fees for VTU Engg. exam is Rs 550. But the students are made to pay Rs 600. An extra Rs 50 from over 200 students can fill their coffers! According to the Govt.(CET), one has to pay an annual fees of Rs. 28,090 for BE. But in addition to that, an extra ‘college fees’ (which is illegal) of Rs 15,000 has to be paid! Yes! It’s Fifteen Thousand! It doesn’t end there! The students aren’t given a fee paid receipt for paying the fees! When I contacted the college management, they said that it is a management policy not to issue fee paid receipts! What kind of policy is that?
More outrageous fact is that the college fees was Rs 12000 till last year and was hiked by Rs 3000 this year. When few students wrote a letter to the management requesting them to reduce it, few students who wrote the letter were falsely booked under drug peddling case by the management!! Imagine the impact it would’ve had on the students and the poor parents.
Do you call this an educational institution? It’s just one more business front for MR. Mohan Manghnani to make money! The parents or students have no freedom to approach the management. No one can even request (forget protest) for any change or improvement. The students as well as we, the parents are mute witnesses to this injustice without being able to protest against it. Because we know that it’ll be a full stop of our children’s lives, like those 4 students who got suspended few days back for protesting against the parking fees. Justice has been smothered by the power and money of the management. I consider, enrolling my daughter in this college, as the biggest mistake I’ve done. There seems to be no place for justice till management like this exists!
If any of these seem to be false or exaggerated, please visit one of the several communities on Orkut or facebook and you can know the truth! Our children have grown listening to stories of freedom struggle and about the lives of Freedom fighters. We take them to movies like Rang De Basanti. But the recent developments made my daughter doubt all that. She says all those stories of great people were just figment of someone’s imagination and a movie like RDB was just one more popcorn movie! Please publish this letter. Please take our voice to the people. Do not make us lose faith in the media also. I’ve always believed media to be a very powerful weapon of justice. Please do not prove me wrong.
-A hurt but hopeful parent


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