Wednesday, September 02, 2009


BBMP files complaint against filmmakers for disfiguring public walls with film posters

As omnipresent as the traffic jam it is tough for any commuter to miss them. Tacky posters that adorn the walls have been a bane on public space in Bangalore for a long while now. While one could only sigh helplessly looking at them, it seems like the powers-thatbe in BBMP have had enough of the eyesore. Enough scarring they seem to have decided. Proof of their ire: The BBMP has lodged a police complaint against a few filmmakers who have ‘disfigured’ public walls by pasting film posters on them. Complaints have been filed against the producers of ‘Cheluvina Chilipili,’ ‘Iniya,’ ‘Chamkaisi Chindiudaysi,’ ‘Anasooya,’ ‘Ullasa Utsaha,’ and ‘Jugari.’ A complaint has also been filed against Veta English Coaching school for the same reason. The police registered an FIR (First Information Report) against the filmmakers on August 29.
This is the first time that the BBMP has taken such a drastic action against film makers. BBMP earlier used to hire pourakarmikas to remove posters from walls which only ended up in further disfigurement of the walls. The complaints have been filed in the name of Assistant Executive Engineer, Gandhinagar, BBMP at the Upparpet police station. The complaint says that posters have been pasted on public walls in Kempe Gowda Road, Gandhinagar indecently, resulting in their defacement.
The complaint further states that these were noticed during a routine inspection on August 28. According to the complainant these posters are creating nuisance which in turn is creating a sense of disrespect among the general public, travellers to the city and foreign tourists towards the BBMP.
The complaint also states that there was no permission taken from the BBMP to display these advertisements. These complaints may be the first step to keep the menace of publicity posters in check all over Bangalore.
What makes the complaint in Gandhinagar ward more significant is the fact that it is the hub of Sandalwood and when one talks of unsolicited posters on public and private properties, it is predominantly film posters that come up tops. Photo evidence has been submitted of posters on public walls in Gandhinagar, JC Road, Vatal Nagaraj Road and KG Road.
President of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce, Jayamala says that the producers have been instructed to post posters only in designated places. “After a meeting with the BBMP officials we have informed all our producers not to put up posters on private and public properties. It is our responsibility, too, to keep the city clean. If they have still gone ahead and used the posters it is their mistake and not the BBMP’s. The producers give away the publicity campaign to third parties who are the culprits here. They end up pasting posters wherever they find empty space without giving a second thought,” she said.
The FIR has been filed under The Karnataka Open Places (Prevention of Disfigurement) Act, 1981. The Act states that it (pasting posters in public and private walls) is a cognizable offence which carries a punishment of six months in prison, a fine or both. The police can also file charges under Section 268 (causing public nuisance) and under the Karnataka Police Act, 1963.
The BBMP and the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce have been in talks for deciding designated poster spaces in city for the purpose of film advertising.The spaces in locations, once mutually agreed upon, would be exclusively for film posters. But, as always, nothing concrete has emerged even after years. “The BBMP has promised exclusive space for film posters.To speed up things in this regard we will approach them very soon,” Jayamala said.


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