Friday, August 07, 2009

The tale of two cities, within a city

The tale of two cities, within a city

Special Correspondent
Bangalore: If you look at it from one standpoint, Bangalore is indeed shining.

There are flyovers and underpasses galore, a brand new international airport, luxury buses for public transport, malls….

But shift focus just a little, and you see a completely different picture, an area of darkness.

There are increasing incidents of slum demolition, the access of the poor to basic amenities is worsening by the day, large tracts of public land are being handed over the corporates, trees are being chopped without a second thought, lakes are disappearing…

The contrasts are too stark to be missed.

An exhibition of 163 photographs to be held in the city from August 8 – “Destructive Creation” – hopes to present pictures of these contrasts visible all over the city, with an accent on those deprived and struggling people.

The pictures, captured by Esha an ActionAid fellowship holder, highlight the fact that the new-age Bangalore we are trying to build is self destructive both socially and economically.

As an alternative, they also suggest a democratic process of growth.

The four-day show, which will be held at Venkatappa Art Gallery on Kasturba Road, will conclude on August 11.

This event will be followed by a month-long display of these photographs in various educational institutions and slums around the city.


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