Sunday, August 09, 2009

HC chastises Vatal and others over statue row

HC chastises Vatal and others over statue row

Express News Service First Published : 08 Aug 2009 07:38:49 AM ISTLast Updated : 08 Aug 2009 07:56:36 AM IST
BANGALORE: The High Court gave a piece of mind to Vatal Nagaraj and others after dismissing the PIL filed by them over installation of Thiruvaluvar statue in Bangalore.
Justice P Dinakaran, who was heading the High Court division bench, observed that the state government is at liberty to take any action against those who protest.
The court responded to the contention of the petitioners that the unveiling is done by a Tamil sangha and they have not procured land from the BBMP according to the normal proceedures and Veerappan had demanded the installation of Thiruvalluvar's statue in Bangalore; therefore it is against the intrests of Kannadigas Justice Dinakaran said that the government can grant the land anytime and just because Veerappan had demanded the installation of the statue does not deem the unveiling illegal. Advocate General Ashok Haranahalli contended that Thiruvalluvar is a great saint. He does not belong only to the Tamilians but to every section of the society and we are also Kannadigas.
Addressing Vatal Nagaraj's advocate the Chief Justice said, "One year ago I was a Tamilian. But, now I am a Kannadiga, do you still consider me as a Tamilian? We are all Indians. We should not let people divide us by saying we are Tamilians, Kannadigas, etc. We all should unite and make the country strong. It is easy to complicate the existing problem but it is difficult to solve it amicably and lead a peaceful life."


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