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For better cultural and political ties

For better cultural and political ties
Most readers feel unveiling of the two statues is the first step towards improved understanding
Will statue diplomacy pave the way for better ties between Karnataka and TN?

It goes beyond state borders
Yeddyurappa deserves a hearty congratulation for his bold stand to permit the unveiling of Thiruvalluvar’s statue in Bangalore. What he has achieved was not done by previous CMs. This decision is not only applicable to the people of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. It goes beyond the borders of these two states. Intolerance towards other languages, community and religions has become a thorn in the Indian polity. A small gesture like respecting a saint poet of another region does not pull down the dignity of any society. It brings a better understanding of the region’s language and culture.
It is a good initiative by Yeddyurappa and Karunanidhi to install statues of Thiruvalluvar and Sarvajna in their respective states. This should put an end to linguistic fanaticism. Thirvalluvar and Sarvajna express the true meaning of life through their poetry. They do not just belong to these two states but to entire humanity. I A SRIKANTAIAH
Statue diplomacy in politics is common. Both CMs have agreed we are Indians first. However, policies should not be limited to the states but be made available for the nation as well. Also, other states should follow suit through work and not mere words. I N R NAIR
Good understanding between people of the states will help improve ties. People should follow preachings and sayings of both poets.
We need to wait and watch
Yeddyurappa has achieved what others could not in the past 18 years by unveiling the saintpoet Tiruvalluvar’s statue. But whether he will succeed in solving other problems between the two states is to be seen. There are more Tamilians in Bangalore than Kannadigas in Chennai. Many have contributed to enrich Kannada culture. More than the statue of Sarvajna, TN should have showed its magnanimity by withdrawing the case it is fighting to disallow classical status to Kannada. I NARAYAN S BALAJI It has to. But one needs to wait and watch how things take shape. The two states will once again try to grab the best opportunity of posing to be in the opponent’s interest. I D R PRAKASH
The good gesture should certainly improve the relationship between the two states. Much depends on the mindsets of the politicians. Better ties can be achieved only if the politicians give up their ego and vest their interests in the people of the two states.
Whether the water dispute or the border row is ironed out with the unveiling of poet-saint Thiruvalluvar’s statue in Bangalore and that of Sarvajna in Chennai is immaterial. Tamilians in Bangalore are happy to see the iconic man’s statue installed, and Kannadigas in Chennai are equally happy. The vexed issues cannot be solved so easily. But the chief ministers deserve credit for having agreed to this historic moment. Hope this is a stepping stone to cement a bond between the two states.
No. Only political will can establish better ties between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. One should have a give-and-take policy for a good relation and both the CMs took the opportunity of installing statues. The have started doing what was necessary I A S RAJ
It’s a step in the right direction
It’s the first step by the two governments to regain and maintain a good relation. If the two men sit together and discuss, they can probably find a solution for the ongoing Cauvery and Hogenakkal issues. KRV should realize that Sarvajna’s statue in TN and Thiruvalluvar’s in Karnataka will bring more pride than having them in their respective states. I VISHWANATH P
Installation of statues is the first step. Ground realities are different. Tokenism of this kind is sincere and such efforts should be made to solve long-pending disputes between the two states. What is important is a meeting of the hearts and minds. It’s easier to solve problems when people from the two states begin to think they are Indians first. I USHA RAO
Statue diplomacy between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu has begun a new era in improving ties — cultural, political and economical — between the two states. Cauvery water dispute and the Hogenakkal project row can now be solved amicably without a tribunal’s intervention. Similar consensus to promote inter-state literature and festivals will boost understanding. I P V PRAKASH
Yes, it is a great step taken by the two governments towards national unity and integration. At this time of terror, every Indian should understand and cooperate with these kinds of steps. I M N KESARI
Any PR exercise helps bring about better understanding and a sense of responsibility. Of course, statue diplomacy will pave the way for better ties between Karnataka nad Tamil Nadu. I SHANKAR NARAYAN


At Thursday, August 13, 2009 at 1:06:00 PM GMT+5:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is good that Karnataka and Tamilnadu is coming together to respect each other to protect our India. I am Kannadiga living in Tamilnadu, because we are living in the border areas with our agricultural lands in Hogenakkal, we are basically Gowda's. Like us there are 10 Lakh Gowda's and other Kannada speaking communities are here. Karnataka politicians have forgotten us, except Deve Gowda came once for public meeting. Also none of the bothered about us because we don't have votes for them.We don't how to write in Kannada now, at least i can speak bit of good Kannada because i am married to my wife from Mysore. The next generation Gowda families in Tamilnadu does not speak Kannada at all, it is because of the language we learn and the schools and living environment is Tamil. Basically we are losing our cultural link from Karnataka, though we call our Kannadigas. So politicians in both the sides should be more responsible in speaking and protesting. Because it is going to affect life of ½ crore people if there is conflict. Also both governments should help the people to learn the mother tongue so that we don't lose our identity. For example TN government is sending free Tamil Text books to Karnataka schools . But we expect the same from Karnataka Government. Other Kannada & Tamil Pro-Activists should stop fueling violence in the protest. That is going to secure our future in both the sides.


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