Saturday, July 18, 2009

In the way

In the way
The Metro barricades on MG Road are a hassle for commuters and pedestrians, finds DTP

MG Road is in quite a state, what with the road being drastically narrowed for the Metro construction work. And now, two sections of the Kamaraj Road-MG Road intersection have been cordoned off for pillars. This has caused a bit of confusion for commuters.
“Vehicles now have to go around one barricade at the signal if commuters want to take a right to get on to MG Road. This means that it takes more time for traffic to move from the signal,” says student Akash Seth.
This also adds to the traffic congestion at the beginning of Brigade Road. “There’s a big difference between the width of Kamaraj Road and Brigade Road, which means that there’s almost always a jam at that intersection during rush hour,” says PR professional Meghna S. “Now, there’s more congestion there and for longer,” she adds. Commuters now wonder how they will manage once the pillars come up. “We’ll have to drive around them, just as we’re doing now. That will just add to people’s frustration because this is already a problematic signal,” says housewife Raveena M. These barricades are also a bother for pedestrians. “It difficult to cross from Kamaraj Road to MG Road because there’s no pavement for us to stand on. So, we have to either stand right in front of the barricade or in the middle of the road, and neither is a safe option,” says student Vishala Kumar.


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