Friday, July 17, 2009


Lack of bus bays or shelters had made life miserable for commuters waiting for buses at the Hebbal flyover; rains have made their lives still worse

At a time when politicians and peasants are praying for a good rain, there is one group that dreads even a drizzle. They are the people waiting for KSRTC and BMTC buses near Hebbal flyover on the way to Bangalore International Airport (BIA). They fear rains because they have no place to take shelter when the skies open up.
It has been a year since the road was widened and thousands of vehicles pass through that route every day. Yet, no bus shelter has been constructed for commuters travelling towards Yelahanka, BIA, Chikkaballapur and the neighbouring Andhra Pradesh.
“The lack of a bus shelter is putting a lot of people into hardship,” said Srividya Iyengar, a commuter and a faculty of Alliance Business School.
She said, “There is no distinction between the bus stop and the road. It is quite risky, chances of vehicles running over bus passengers is high.
Hebbal flyover bus stop is one of the most crowded points on that stretch. From private buses to Vayu Vajras to long-distance Volvo buses, all these vehicles stop at the mouth of the flyover. It is a common sight in the evenings to see people running in all directions to board the buses.
There have been some accidents involving pedestrians at that spot.
“There is no place to hide when it rains. We will have to cross the road to take cover and that is risky as vehicles move at great speed,” said senior citizen and Rajanukunte resident K V Ramakanth.
A BBMP official said, “We are facing a space crunch for building bus bays and shelters as we do not have our own land. We will shortly examine the spot and take steps for constructing bus bays.”
An official from BBMP’s advertising department said, “Though the contractors of the BBMP are wlling to construct bus shelters on the different points of Bellary Road stretch, the National Highway Authority of India has not given permission for displaying advertisements on spaces available in the bus shelters. Will any contractor come forward for the construction of bus shelters when they are barred from commercial exploitation?”
It is said at least 10 bus shelters are required after the BBMP limits up to the Trumpet Interchange.
However, a top NHAI official told Bangalore Mirror, “No local body has sent us any proposal for the construction of bus shelters. We will examine as we receive proposals. We are also considering building our own bus shelters.”

M Shilpa, I BCom, Kaveri College: I regularly travel by bus to the college. I regret that the authorities have not given much importance to the bus shelters.The people are made to stand under the hot sun during summer and will be drenched during the monsoon.

N Pancholi Gourav, engineering student from Brindavan College: It is difficult to wait for the bus during the rainy season. I can find shelter under a tree when it rains, but the elderly people have no option but to stand in the rain.

Asha Rani, I BCom student, Kaveri College: Though I carry an umbrella with me during the monsoon, the heavy breeze and the rain will make it difficult to stand on the road. On a few occasions my books had gone wet.

As BBMP and NHAI point fingers at each other, commuters have to wait in the sun


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