Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BDA lays out plan, but no action

BDA lays out plan, but no action

July 22nd, 2009
By Our Correspondent

Bengaluru, July 21: The Bangalore Development Authority’s grandiose plan to develop five layouts in the city with budget houses and sites, is yet to take proper shape. Final notification on land acquisition for Kempegowda and Shivaram Karanth layouts as per the Master Plan - 2015 is yet to be issued by the BDA.
Preliminary notification for land acquisition for both the layouts have been issued and objections have been received.
Around 7,500 objections for Kempegowda and around 15,000 objections for Shivaram Karanth Layouts has been issued. Objections are being reviewed and the final notification will be issued shortly, said sources in the BDA.
Though the state government has been promising low budget houses and sites to citizens of Bengaluru, the BDA is sitting on the objections submitted by the public and has been inordinately delaying the issue of final notification.
The cabinet has issued a gazette for Kempegowda and Shivaram Karanth Layouts and has agreed in principle to approve three other layouts.
However, issuing a compensation package to those who lose their land and convincing them to do so is a cumbersome process and the formation of the BDA layout is a challenging task for the BDA, the sources said.
Meanwhile, preliminary notification of land acquisition work for Kyasamballi Changal Rayareddy Layout, D Devaraj Urs layout and S Nijalingappa layout is yet to be undertaken.
The total land required for the five layouts is 15, 277 acres and unless they get the final approval, work on the project cannot be undertaken.
“We are relying on the cabinet to approve the remaining three layouts. Once the procedure is complete, we will issue a preliminary notification. Around 6,916 acres of land will be required for the three layouts and 27 villages between Old Madras Road and Hosur Road will be acquired for work to start once the government issues the gazettes for formation of the layouts,” the sources also added.


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