Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It’s raining relief!

It’s raining relief!


Bangalore: There was respite from the sweltering heat again as the skies opened up on Tuesday evening. The city recorded 2.2 mm of rain, with the airport reporting 0.6 mm of rain.
The temperature dipped, much to the delight of all. Met department director Muthuchami said the rain is likely to be a temporary phenomenon, though the pattern is similar to monsoon conditions. “It is not likely to continue for long,’’ he said. The winds up to 1.5 km above sea level is due to cyclonic circulation over the South West bay. “There are chances of more rainfall on Wednesday. Rain is likely for the next two days in the coastal region and in several parts of the state. All southern states, the coastal region and parts of Rayalseema may get rain,’’ he said.
There were complaints of two trees falling at Jayanagar 4th T Block and 2nd Block along T Mariappa Road.

A WALK IN THE RAIN: Most ran for cover while some opted for a stroll during the rain on Tuesday evening. The temperature dropped considerably


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