Friday, February 08, 2008

Roads to airport will drive development

Roads to airport will drive development
The new roads being developed and the widening of existing roads is good news for residents and entrepreneurs alike, writes Mythili G Nirvan

Large crowds arriving to have a look at the magic box work on near Cauvery Theatre was a new dimension to the city's infrastructure story. With the countdown to the opening of the new international airport on, these boxes are a trick everyone wants to see working its magic. As keen to see the road infrastructure augmented as frequent fliers and taxi drivers are residents living in Bangalore North. It means a dream ride to work and back. Suddenly, 'coming to town' is a pleasant drive. No wonder then, motorists driving past the work near Cauvery Theatre can't resist a brief stop to look at the progress.
Connectivity is the key
Bangalore North has been in the limelight ever since the airport's site was selected at Devanahalli. This, along with the fast-progressing Golden Quadrilateral project, saw some solid road infrastructure augmenting connectivity. The six-lane expressway brought the localities around Bangalore North within easy reach. Now with the roads being developed to make reaching the international airport easy, more localities along the way will be within easy reach too.
An easy drive to the heart of the city is a dream-cometrue for many. On the one hand it makes it possible to commute to the city daily without spending time in traffic snarls, and on the other, it is good for the commercial development in the localities here. The new comprehensive development plan for the city - Master Plan 2015 - makes it possible to integrate some commercial development in residential localities provided there is a specified road width available. For this sort of development, connectivity is the key. Development of roads brings this connectivity to these localities.
Land parcels for IT
Another positive development on the cards is the land parcels that will be open for IT campus development here. The Peripheral Ring Road connectivity and its linkages to the Outer Ring Road will make it possible to use tracts of land that will come into play now for IT development. These new emerging localities will develop fast given the easy access to the city. Also, with the next generation facilities development of the IT majors expected, given the growth in this sector, these land parcels will see demand.
Housing will get a boost
The international airport will mean a host of related ancillary services finding demand here. One segment of realty that will see increased demand here is housing - both apartments and gated communities. The housing segment is poised for some growth here again thanks to the connectivity. The proximity to the airport apart, the easy access to the city will be a big draw for residents. Invariably, it is believed that a city tends to grow towards a major transport hub located in the vicinity. In this case, the roads leading to it are playing as significant a role as the international airport itself.
Investment opportunities
For both property investors and entrepreneurs, the augmented connectivity is a boon. The commercial development will mean a host of investors looking for business opportunities, and as a result, an uptrend in demand for commercial property will follow. With more people moving in with business interests, the demand for housing will go up too.
The new roads leading to the airport is good news for all.


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