Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wheeler Road cross is all muck and slush

Wheeler Road cross is all muck and slush

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The people of Wheeler Road extension cross in Maruti Sevanagar, who had considered themselves fortunate for having proper drains and roads in their locality, have had mud thrown (even literally speaking) on this comfortable scenario. They now find themselves negotiating silt dug up and left by the roadside by the BBMP for the last month. Not only are they having a difficult time taking their vehicles out on the road and but their access to their homes too has been nearly cut off by the mounds of silt on the road.
Members of the Resident Welfare Association Bengaluru (REWABE) say they have had to put up with this situation for over a month. “We are forced to park our cars and two wheelers on the roadside as we cannot drive home in the absence of the stone slabs in front of the houses.

We have spent from our own pockets to get access to our homes,” say the members, claiming that the contractor has been deliberately delaying removing the silt.

“People are finding it difficult to reach their homes as the stone slabs which were removed for desilting of drains along the road, have not been restored and the muck that was removed

from the drain has been left on the road for weeks together,” complains Tilak Naidu of Maruti Sevanagar.
The silt not only makes the road slushly but also dirties homes in the area and children are forced to stay indoors as parents are afraid to let them out with the drains lying open.

Besides the open drains, the people here are fighting a stray dog menace and are hoping the BBMP will come to their rescue soon.

I am personally monitoring the desilting work. We are deploying tractors and men to clear the silt. The work on restoring the stone slabs in C. K. Garden will be completed by Monday. R. Rajendra, Corporator "Although the area does not have major problems, road cut ting is proving a nuisance. Also drains don't have the gradient required to let water run off, leaving it to stagnate on the roads" .
K. P. Abraham, REWABE president "The BBMP must address the complaints of the people. There is water shortage here as Cauvery water is not reaching homes."


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