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Here are two faces of a VVIP neighbourhood

Here are two faces of a VVIP neighbourhood
While the CM’s Lane Looks Posh, Adjacent Areas Remain Neglected
Sunitha Rao R | TNN

Bangalore: 80 Feet Road in RMV II Stage has swanky footpaths with wooden benches for pedestrians to sit and relax. The decorative light poles on these footpaths remind you of a foreign locale. No prizes for guessing. For, the chief minister lives here.
But proceed a little further. The other half of RMV II Stage (Ward 18 — Radhakrishna temple) is a shocker. Heaps of garbage, stray dogs and unasphalted roads welcome you.
Pourakarmikas do not come to this ward to collect garbage, forcing residents to dispose of residential waste in a vacant site. What is more shocking is that garbage collectors burn it right there.
“The neighbouring ward, which has a VVIP resident, is cleaned at least six times a day. But BBMP is least bothered to collect garbage from this ward,” says N Bhargav, a resident.
“Two years ago, we installed public dustbins in RMV II Stage and Sanjaynagar. But BBMP removed them all and started door-to-door garbage collection, which was a flop,” say members of Sanjaynagar residents’ welfare association.
“We have tried to contact the corporator. Called him for a meeting to address these issues. But he never turned up. Bescom officials prune trees and leave the cut branches on footpaths and the road. This obstructs vehicular movement. There is no coordination between civic agencies. We end up suffering,” says association president V Sathyamurthy.
“Pourakarmikas do not come regularly and garbage piles up. The BBMP vehicle (an auto) comes once a fortnight, but it cannot collect all of the accumulated trash. Often, it is burnt before our houses,” says Shilpa B, a homemaker.
“It is not just the corporator. All the cabinet ministers, including the chief minister himself, are aware of our problems. But our area remains the same, whereas amenities in front of the CM’s house on 80 Feet Road will astonish any passerby,” says Bhargav.
The road just next to your ward where the chief ministers house is located enjoys excellent civic amenities with European-style footpaths. Why is the same extension of your ward suffering with improper garbage collection?
A: Yes, there are discrepancies. The CM’s house belongs to another ward, but happens to be in the neighbourhood. My ward has many problems. Garbage tenders were called four years ago. Garbage collection is poor. We have only one tractor which is not sufficient.
Why are you not attending meetings called by residents to discuss woes? A:: My office is in the ward itself. Residents are free to come and meet me whenever they wish.
Chopped tree branches are lying unattended to in your ward. Why have you not ensured coordination between Bescom and BBMP officials?
A: Yes, this has been an issue. BBMP officials haven’t been cooperating despite my interference. Required measures will be initiated.
What plans do you have for fixing the civic issues in your ward?
A: Delay in the budget is the biggest stumbling block to the ward’s development. I have asked for Rs 10.5 crore for the purpose. All the issues will be solved. WHERE’S MY CORPORATOR
1. Haphazard garbage collection 2. Garbage heaps at many places on footpaths 3. Chopped tree branches lying on the street,
with BBMP making no efforts to clear them 4. Stray dog menace 5. Drains clogged with debris, garbage 6. Roads in bad shape, not asphalted
The corporator visited our houses on the day he was elected. After that, he hasn’t bothered to listen to our woes. Garbage piles up in front of my house. It is frustrating. Residents from other streets also throw trash in this vacant site. — Subhash Gogi | FORMER SESSIONS COURT JUDGE, RESIDENT OF RMV II STAGE We have shelled out huge amounts of money to buy a property in Dollars Colony. But we don’t even have basic amenities. — Prathima Achar | RESIDENT In I Cross of RMV II Stage, II Block, the stones were laid two months ago, but the stretch hasn’t been asphaltated as yet. We suffer the most during rain as roads get waterlogged and rainwater enters houses. Earlier, we had installed 20 huge public bins on the street, which were removed by the BBMP. Now, with no public dustbins in place, garbage is disposed in drains, vacant plots, and it is also burnt here. What is our corporator doing? — Padma Srinivas | JOINT SECRETARY, SANJAYNAGAR RESIDENTS’ WELFARE ASSOCIATION LET US KNOW
Is the corporator of your ward yet to get down to brass tacks? Is he yet to contact Resident Welfare Associations and get their grievances redressed? After featuring some proactive corporators in these columns, we will now look for those corporators who haven’t done any visible work. If civic work is piling up in your surroundings, let us know.
Are you a resident? Have a problem in your area? Get in touch with your corporator D Venkatesh on 9243446179 (as listed on BBMP website)


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