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Priority to clearing encroachments: Siddaiah

Priority to clearing encroachments: Siddaiah

H. Siddaiah took over from Bharat Lal Meena as the 55th Commissioner of the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) on Thursday, after holding the post of the Commissioner of the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) for over two years. Excerpts from an interview.

Q: Do you think there now will be increased coordination between BDA and BBMP?

A: BBMP and BDA are two sides of the same coin. The commissioners need to work together. The BBMP Commissioner is a member of the BDA. There is continuity, in this case and, of course, there will be better coordination.

Q: Do you think you will be able to work effectively with 198 councillors, 27 MLAs, three MPs and [other ex-officio] members?

A: I don't foresee any problems. The councillors are the BBMP's eyes and ears. Interacting with them will only help improve administration. It is all about teamwork.

Q: What are your priorities as Commissioner?

A: There are challenges — road widening, efficient solid waste management, health, education and restoration of lakes and bringing un-assessed properties into the tax net. I want to bring in a system where every grievance is attended to and ensure 100 per cent compliance by a monitoring system.

Q: What is your vision for the BBMP?

A: I want a city that is encroachment-free, with better infrastructure, more greenery, more water bodies. I will concentrate on removal of encroachments; those of the raja kaluves will be my priority. Mr. Meena and I have been in constant touch about this issue. This is essential to effectively handle the flooding situation in the city.

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