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Despite 3 tanks, no water here

Despite 3 tanks, no water here
G Manjusainath

A mixture of revenue and well-developed layouts, the Uttarahalli ward craves for basic amenities.

The ward boasts of three major tanks, Uttarahalli Tank, Dorekere and Shettykere at Thurahalli, but none of them are presently in good shape. Although the government had initiated some plans to revive Uttarahalli tank and Dorekere Tank, the works at both the places have come to a standstill for the last six months.

The problem all the three lakes face is of the inflow of sewage water. Thanks to the heavy inflow, the water bodies are now left stinking and have turned into breeding places for various diseases. Yet the Uttarahalli and Dorekere tanks are fortunate enough to have got government attention as some revival plans are afoot. But Shettykere is in shambles.

A lake that was attracting many migratory birds is now threatened by land sharks. Illegal settlements around the Shettykere form the tank-bund. As the government turned a blind eye, more number of people are building shelters by landfilling the tank from all the sides. As if this was not enough, builders have let sewage water directly into the tank from the nearby multi-storeyed apartments. To cause further damage to water, hyacinth has completely choked Shettykere.

Having a visibly clean water just six months ago, Shettykere now stinks and is a breeding place for mosquitoes and has become a source for water-borne diseases. The residents of Subramanyapura, Thurahalli and Vasanthapura complained that their demands to clean up the tank have not drawn any government attention.

Uttarahalli also faces a major problem of poor underground drainage system and water supply. Uttarahalli ward has many revenue pockets making it one of the most underdeveloped area. Certain revenue layouts are located close to the BDA approved layouts and look to be a good location to live but problems agog these revenue belts as well. One such area is Ankappa Layout, formed some 25 years ago but still to got recognition by the BWSSB.

People living in the layout had spent from their pockets to lay nine-inch sewerage line some 15 years ago. People facing numerous problems are now finding that the sewerage line must be of one-foot diameter. The area is also dependent on the depleting borewells whereas the BWSSB has refused to give them Cauvery water connection.


Name: Ramesh Raju

What are the main problems plaguing your area?

There are no officials living in Uttarahalli ward. Water facilities are in poor condition. The BWSSB refuses to take responsibility of old CMC areas. The BBMP engineer’s section has been given the charge, who in my opinion don’t have enough power.

You have got three lakes and all of them are in poor condition. Why is it?

We are developing two lakes- Dorekere and Uttarahalli Kere. It has to be developed in three phases. So far as Subramanyapura Lake is concerned it is just recently included in the BBMP but we want it to be handed over to the BDA.

What plans you have for your ward?

I would like to modernise my ward. I want it to look different.

City voices

Shankaranarayan, Ankappa Layout: The BWSSB has refused to own our layout. It is
refusing to lay new sewage lines and give Cauvery water connection.

Leo Saldanha, Environment Support Group: Two multi-storeyed apartments have spoilt Shettykere, which never had a history of water hyacinth. They let sewage water directly into the lake.

R K Shetty, Trader: Our area could be developed properly provided there is a political will. The slums and the revenue pockets itself speak about the sorry state of the ward.


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