Thursday, March 04, 2010

BMLTA Act could be delayed

BMLTA Act could be delayed
Bangalore, Mar 3, DHNS:

The Bangalore Metropolitan Land Transport Authority (BMLTA) Bill could only be passed in the next session of the State Assembly, said Mohammad Mohsin, director of the Department of Urban Land Transport (DULT).

Speaking to the media after an interactive public discussion on the draft bill here on Wednesday, Mohsin said the draft Bill has already been sent to the State Law Department, but hinted that it may not be passed during the upcoming budget session of Parliament.

“We will continue to receive feedback for the next 15 days. We are hoping, the draft bill will be passed during the budget session. However, there is a possibility the BMLTA Act may well be incorporated and included into the Bangalore Regional Governance Bill,” he said.
Earlier, the public consultation workshop that had NGOs and civil society groups participating, suggested that the draft prioritise movement of pedestrians to include non-motorised forms of transport and also accord importance to the concept of public transport and implementation of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system.

Vinay Srinivasa from Hasiru Usiru, an NGO said the DULT should grant more time for the public to review and respond by way of suggestions.

“DULT must consider arranging for statutory public consultations in all the areas that would have an impact. Apart from BBMP areas, there are 338 GPs, 12 TPs and two ZPs in the City. People residing in all these areas must get a chance to review the act,” he said.


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