Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bengaluru set to get hotter

Bengaluru set to get hotter

With humidity levels falling as low as 15 per cent in the evenings, the city is expected to go through a hot spell in the coming days.
The humidity level was as high as 45 per cent on February 24 which has now fallen to one third of that level. According to the director of Indian Meteorological Depart ment B. Puttanna, with the days growing longer with each passing day, Bengaluru would witness even higher temperatures after March 23.

The city's average max- imum temperature during March is 31 degrees Cel- sius but the Mercury is already close to 34 degr- ees. The low humidity le- vels have added to the heat with hardly any moi- sture in the atmosphere, Met sources said.

"A high humidity level helps in the formation of fog and mist in the atmos- phere. With humidity lev- els falling, we are wit- nessing dry heat condi- tions in the city. A few showers might be a wel- come respite in these con- ditions but Bengaluru , hardly witnesses rain in these months except for l the pre-monsoon showers before the actual mon- soon," Mr Puttanna said.

No weather systems have developed on the west or east coast which can bring rain to the city.


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