Monday, January 18, 2010

Area of neglect, squalor

Area of neglect, squalor

Little efforts made by BBMP to maintain hygiene

Politicians eyeing party tickets will not just be battling against a candidate from their rival political party at Azad Nagar in Chamarajpet ward. This time they will be facing a tough contest from the Kanaka Seva Samithi, a different version of the residents’ welfare association, which will be fielding its candidate.

“Why would we allow some corrupt person to rule over us and sit idly for five years enjoying all the facilities offered by the BBMP when we can do a better and an honest job?” questions Basavaiah, of Kanaka Seva Samithi at Kasturba Nagar.

The ward is among the seven wards of the Assembly constituency including Padarayanapura, Jagjeevanram Nagar, Rayapuram, Chalavadipalya, KR Market and Chamarajpet. Dominated by backward community, this is one of the most neglected wards, where there is severe water crisis during summer, sanitary workers never turn up to clean the ward, drains are choked and there is little effort made by the BBMP to maintain hygiene. One can spot mounds of garbage right in the middle of the road and the park is like any other vacant site.

As officials and politicians turned a blind eye towards Azad Nagar, the Kanaka Seva Samithi started social service for the betterment of the residents there. The Samithi succeeded in convincing a philanthropist, who donated land to the Samithi to build Kanaka Bhavan, a community building for the local residents. The Samithi has plans to provide medical services, scholarships for meritorious students, renting out the community hall at a low rate for the residents to hold private functions and representing problems faced by residents at the government level.

The residents too say they are fed-up with the political parties. “Our former corporator did nothing for us, though he held the post for five years. This year we want a change,” said Raje Gowda, a local resident.

The voice for a change inspired the Kanaka Samithi to field its own candidate on the basis of merit who will work dedicately and honestly unlike the political corporators. “We are going to contest elections and we will campaign aggressively. We will win the election,” says Siddalingaiah, an office bearer of the Samithi.

The other wards which are also dominated by backward communities face the same prolems. Residents rarely see sanitary workers coming to their areas.

While developmental activities are taking place in almost all the areas, public works seem to have come to a grinding halt in this constituency.

135- Padarayanapura
Piling up of garbage plagues this area as well. Yet, the scene is better when compared to other parts of the constituency.

136 Jagjeevanram Nagar

Dominated by backward communities, this area is in shambles crying for attention.

137 Rayapuram

Rayapuram is fortunate in the sense that it has got a good local market, hospital, pharmacies and some civic amenities. Being one of the old areas, it has problems of choked drains, garbage and clean drinking water.

138 Chalavadipalya

Narrow road, open drains, choked drains emanating foul smell are the identity of Chalavadipalya.

139 K R Market

K R Market is one of the biggest wards of the City with one of the crowded but dirtiest business areas called Avenue Road. Walking through this road during rainy season is impossible as the area gets clogged and water gushes into the shops.

140 Chamarajpet Ward

This ward is better organised when compared to any other wards of the
constituency. Chamarajpet ward has converted into a major business area with every street having more commercial buildings than residential buildings.


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