Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bannerghatta Road in need of repairs on the street where you live

Bannerghatta Road in need of repairs on the street where you live

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I find it difficult to reach Dairy Circle using the Bannerghatta Road as both BMTC and private buses park haphazardly on it.

Anubhav Srivastava, BPO employee The BBMP must build sky walks for pedestrians here as the traffic is very heavy most days and the road is in a pathetic condition.

Himanshu Bhushan, student There are many cross roads leading off the main road.
More traffic police must be posted here to avoid the confusion caused.

Sanjay Sharma, resident of Bannerghatta Road

Bannerghatta Ro ad, home to several IT companies and private firms, expectedly sees heavy traffic through the day. BMTC buses bringing employees to work make frequent trips on the road as do other heavy vehicles. But all of them have the same grouse: the road is in pathetic condition, making travel time much slower. As cars and buses do their best to avoid its many potholes, there is chaos on the road, much to the discomfort of those who use it regularly.
"Traffic is a torture during peak hours here, " says a HSBC employee, Rajshekhar, who often needs to use it . He complains the road has become a death trap as several accidents take place here as a result of the many potholes that not all vehicles manage to avoid. And if they do spot them they sometimes end up hitting other vehicles while swerving to avoid them , he says.

Rani Kapoor, a techie, who also frequently uses the road, feels that it needs more signal lights.

"Driving on the stretch leading to Apollo Hospital during peak hours is a hellish experience. The road must be repaired before it is too late,"she says Most find the stretch from the Mandovi Motors signal to the Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore the worst.
"There are many accidents here as speeding commuters fail to see the potholes," says Kavitha Menon, a resident of Mantri Elite Apartments here. People find that the road dividers add to their problems rather than solve them.

Many are upset that the BBMP has not bothered to provide pedestrian subways or skywalks here.

But if all goes well, the road could be in for a makeover. It may be relaid using blended plastic giving it more longevity, if KK Plastic Waste Management is given the job. Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, director of KK Plastic Waste Management, Rasool Khan said talks were on with the BBMP on the project.


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