Sunday, December 20, 2009

Heritage tag to protect large tanks in City

Heritage tag to protect large tanks in City
Bangalore, Dec 18, DHNS:

City lakes with an expanse of 10 hectares or more are likely to be declared as ''heritage'' water bodies.

A State Government notification to the effect is just is imminent, with the Byramangala, Bellandur, Varthur and Madivala lakes to be given this tag in the first phase.

The Bangalore Developmental Authority (BDA), in its bid to fulfill the State Government’s ambitious lake rejuvenation project, is also on schedule to complete the work on 11 of the 12 lakes entrusted to them, by March 2010.

After inspecting all the 12 lakes here on Friday, the Chairman of the BDA Lake Development Advisory Committee, Dr Yellappa Reddy expressed his concern that the rampant encroachment of the water bodies would continue unabated if a notification to protect was not made. “The main reason for the notification on declaring these water bodies as heritage lakes is to protect them from encroachments. If this is not done then all efforts will simply be a waste,” he said.

The notification will also focus on preservation of wetlands to filter the sewage water released from the nearby residences and industries. Reddy said that the City had nearly 300 wetlands. “I will be recommending criminal action to be initiated against those who discharge sewerage water straight into the lakes without treating it,” he said. The basis for declaring the heritage lakes will also take into account the migratory birds population as mentioned in the 1987 waterfowl census.

Reddy said all the renovated lakes wouldl feature ring bunds and a wetland in the vicinity with plants that can absorb the “metals and undesirable organic content”. The increased depth of the rejuvenated lakes would hold more water and also check flooding of the city during rains.

The Jakkur and Raichanahalli lakes will be handed over the Ashoka Training Institute Trust and the Venkateshwaranagar lake to the CNR Rao institute for providing technical inputs on maintenance and development. Reddy has also asked BDA to maintain a service register from the time of initiating developmental works to the maintenance of the lake after the rejuvenation.

Komaghatta Lake and Lithopark

During his visit to Komaghatta Lake, Yellappa Reddy took to task the agency and engineers responsible for the rejuvenation of the water body, for not complying with instructions. They were directed to look inquire into complaints about the Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise (NICE) discharging sewage into the lake even as it was being de-silted for rejuvenation. He has now asked for a Action Taken Report from the engineers.

Lithopark: At Venkateshwara Nagar lake, the BDA Lake Advisory Board has mooted landscaping of an abandoned quarry adjoining the lake as a lithopark (Rock Park) as a recreational facility for citizens.


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