Thursday, December 24, 2009

Greenery gets envious glances success

Greenery gets envious glances success

Staff Reporter
BANGALORE: With its pothole-free roads, paved footpaths, door-to-door collection of garbage and beautiful parks and playgrounds, Hanumanthnagar locality became the envy of most citizens of Bangalore in the early 2000s. Even today, residents of Hanumanthnagar such as Krishna, who lives near PES College and Satyanarayana Singh, an advocate who resides near Nirmala Stores vouch for the excellent grievances redressal system initially put in place by former MLA K. Chandrashekar.

Hanumanthnagar has some of the most remarkable parks in the city. The Thimmesh Prabhu Park has become a tourist attraction and residents of other area come to enjoy its beauty. The park was once nothing but a barren and rocky patch of land and classified as a civic amenity site. Today, it boasts a musical fountain and lots of greenery. No wonder, residents of other areas too flock to see the park and enjoy its beauty.

Residents are happy over the manner in which the BBMP has christened roads, lanes and by-lanes in the area. Almost all of them are named after a river, mountain, litterateur or historical personality from the State. The residents are proud that a road or area is named after a historical personality.

The house numbers too are well displayed and there are abundant signages to guide a first-time visitor. The door numbering system in the area has worked wonders.

Much of the credit to the development of Hanumanthnagar goes to Mr. Chandrashekar. However, Mr. Chandrashekar himself is modest about his contribution. He says the BBMP officials along with the residents of the area joined hands in making Hanumanthnagar the best ward in India..


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