Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Parking mafia kills automated system

Parking mafia kills automated system
‘Pay-And-Park Can Stop Corruption’

Bangalore: With pay-and-park system not making headway in the city, questions have arisen on what can be the next escape route. Pioneers in automotive parking machines in the country, the Brigade Road Shops and Establishments’ Association, says it is the fear of mafia that prevents the government from permitting pay-and-park to function.
“The government had problems with the contractors who took up the facility earlier. I heard that a contractor had a personal issue on the subject. But still, the government should bring back pay-and-park system to prevent chaos,” said Suhail Yusuff, secretary of the association.
The mafia had created problems for the government more than once, sources said.
While some stopped paying the government as per the deal after taking the contract, others started charging additional money. The state of affairs at the parking lot at Public Utility Building is a fine example.
K Jayaram, a contractor, had to pay Rs 22.26 lakh when he applied for the next tender. “It is to avoid such cases that the government is not giving consent,” he said.
Yusuff observed that automation won’t allow corruption to creep into the system.
“When Chennai and Hyderabad are copying what we had introduced, why are we hesitating to take it up?” he asked.
Visitor parks car and goes to the parking meter The person keys in the car number and obtains ticket for the period of time he wants his car to remain there. Rs 10 for 1 hour and Rs 20 for 2 hours on Brigade Road The ticket has to be displayed on the windshield or dashboard Renewal needed if the person wants to use space for longer time If car remains on the spot after time on the ticket has expired, or if it is found without a ticket, police tow it away


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