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Experiment fails, chaos on roads

Experiment fails, chaos on roads

December 13th, 2009
By Our Correspondent
Tags: commuters face problems, traffic jams

Dec. 12: An experiment by the Bengaluru Traffic Police to scrap a traffic intersection and turn the Richmond Road flyover into a two-way street set off many a gridlock in the area and left commuters fuming on Saturday.
The trial was a great disaster on day one as motorists had to endure bumper-to-bumper traffic and hold-ups at several points during their approach to the flyover. “Life was much easier when we had to wait at the signal for two or three minutes. Why did the traffic cops decide to remove the intersection after so many years and make life difficult for motorists,” bemoaned Arvind Patil, a techie heading towards Double Road on his motorbike.
A large number of vehicles piled up at the entrance to Lalbagh (East Gate) as cars, two-wheelers and light motor vehicles (LMVs) from Richmond Road moved on to Double Road instead of Mission Road as part of the trial. This snarl-up further stalled the flow of traffic towards Hosur Road, Nimhans and Jayanagar.
It was chaotic in the opposite direction as well as commuters inched their way from Double Road to Residency Road. Much to the chagrin of motorists, all BMTC buses made their way over the flyover though several boards announced that only light motor vehicles would be allowed access on that route to Residency Road. These buses occupied most space on the narrow flyover adding to the woes of commuters.
These problems would cease in due course, said traffic police officers who downplayed the pile-ups. “We have to guide motorists and simultaneously man the traffic intersections. Many blame us for the inconvenience, but we assure you that traffic will move smoothly once the commuters get used to these diversions,” said one of them.
Additional commissioner of police (traffic) Praveen Sood said the gridlock on Double Road would be resolved in a couple of days. “The BBMP will asphalt the road in a day or two which will solve the problem to some extent. We will increase the waiting time for vehicles moving on both sides on Double Road,” he said. Besides, from next Wednesday, the motorists moving from JC Road will be requested to turn right at NR Square on to Mission Road and use the flyover to reach Residency Road, avoiding four signals along that route.


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