Saturday, May 23, 2009

Car-pooling idea gains speed as more sign up

Car-pooling idea gains speed as more sign up
This Initiative Solves Multiple Problems, Pollution For One

Bangalore: It seems Bangaloreans did a little more than merely complain about heavy traffic and congestion. Commute Easy, a car-pooling initiative launched six months ago here, has recorded 10,000 registrations. The ‘Lets Pool In’ initiative, in partnership with the traffic police, was started by Vipul Kasera.
People interested in carpooling can register and look for car-sharing partners at within 1-km radius, and also match work timings and route. Depending on whether a person has a car or not, he or she can offer or accept a ride.
Winner of TOI’s Lead India initiative R K Misra asked people to use public transport and recommended the carpooling idea too.
Theatre personality Arundhati Nag said, “Everybody should work together to reduce congestion and traffic.”
Additional commissioner of police (traffic) Praveen Sood said car-pooling is a winwin situation.
“Usually, in traffic-related matters, one solution leads to a problem for someone else. But car-pooling is a good solution because it’s economical, saves petrol, and hence beneficial to the environment,” he said. He promised to support the car-pooling initiative. “Now that the idea has attained firm ground, increasing the number of users will be easy.”
He asked traffic officials to come up with a plan through which they will approach companies with more than 500 employees and discuss traffic initiatives.
Bike-pooling is the future?
It’s time to pool your motorcycles too! The police recommend that office-goers who travel by motorcycle should try to pool the vehicle with colleagues or neighbours travelling along the same route.
At a meeting to celebrate the registration of 10,000 members for car-pooling, police commissioner Shankar Bidari said special policemen will meet human resource heads of companies to popularize motorcyclepooling. TNN


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