Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bengalureans upset with move

Bengalureans upset with move

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With the dead lines on night show timing being fixed at 11pm it looks like the last straw on the already crippled nightlife of the city. To add to the 11pm deadline for closure of hotels and pubs, the only other source of recreation, the cinema halls would also now have to shut down by 11pm, which earlier used to remain open till 12.30 or 1 am depending on the duration of the cinema as the night show started around 10pm.

Bengalureans are up in arms against this police raj in the city and they opine that such retrograde measures only dampen the image of the city rather than actually doing any good.

“It is not justified to clip nightlife in order to reduce crime rates, this is just an excuse given by the cops to not do their duty properly. It is their job to take care of the law and order situation in all conditions and not easily shirk away their responsibility by curbing the night life,” said Prashanth Sinha, a software engineer.

If the multiplexes have to shut down by 11pm, then the last show should ideally start at around 8.30pm.

A show starting at 8.30pm can hardly be called a night show. “In this fast-paced life in a metro working professionals hardly have time to catch up on movies on weekdays because of the extended work hours, so the night show opening at around 10pm was a good option for us. If the show timings are pushed earlier then we cannot make it to the movies on weekdays anymore,” said Sharath Kumar, an advertising professional.

On weekdays there is a mad rush for tickets so it becomes very difficult to get tickets for recent hit movies. Now with the 10pm night-show timing likely to get preponed Bengalureans seem dismayed with this direction that would leave them with the only option of catching up on movies on weekends.

“The first weekend after the release on Friday is always packed and it is impossible for us to get tickets that weekend, and now if the option of 10pm is not available then we will have to wait for the next weekend again to watch a movie and by then the movie is already old,” said Shalini Khanna, an event management executive.

Multiplex authorities however are waiting for an official communication before deciding on their course of action.


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