Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BBMP parks itself pretty on shopper’s space woes

BBMP parks itself pretty on shopper’s space woes

First Published : 21 Apr 2009 10:16:02 AM IST
Last Updated : 21 Apr 2009 11:10:21 AM IST

BANGALORE: Days after parking on Kamaraj Road was barred at the space adjacent to the Army school, the BBMP seems to be completely oblivious to the problems shoppers are facing.

The parking space adjacent to the Army school has been shut to public vehicles by the Army. Five days after the ban the BBMP failing to take necessary measures.

Speaking to Express, additional commissioner (East) S Puttaswamy said, “The public is not affected by the ban on the parking and it is not a major issue at all. While there are no complaints from the Commercial Street Associations about this, then why is this being highlighted in this manner?” Sadly, this is how an official responds to an issue that has thrown people’s life out of gear. However, when asked about BBMP’s next course of action in getting the parking space back, all Puttaswamy had to offer was, “We will see what we have to do”.

The parking space on Kamaraj road was always a blessing to the car owners who otherwise had to hunt for parking place miles away from Commercial Street. But as the BBMP failed to maintain security and cleanliness of the place, the Army decided to take the parking space back.

After repeated requests to the BBMP fell on deaf ears, the Army was forced to ban the parking on the West Side of the Kamaraj road.

“When the BBMP is not in a position to provide adequate parking space for the public in and around this commercial area, they could at least manage the maintenance part.

Even that they were unable to do.

The Army is in the right with regards to this decision,” said Ankur L Prasad, a resident of Frazer Town.

“As it is, there was problem in parking and the Army was very helpful in providing the service road but due to the irresponsible civic body, even that piece of land is gone. Hope they realise the importance of the parking space and do their job.” said Lobo, a shopper.


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