Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where should the citizens walk?

Where should the citizens walk?
DH News Service,Bangalore:
Returning home safely after the morning walk on 100 ft Road in Indiranagar is something residents pray for.

As the morning walk turned ‘mourning walk’ for four elderly persons on this road on Saturday, a look at the cause gives enough reasons to know what makes the road killer.

As the realty market shot up on this road after the mushrooming of commercial complexes, the walking space has been converted either into parking space or dumpyard for construction materials.

Residents of Indiranagar relived the sad memories of an accident on the same road in which a 7th standard student of New Horizon Institution was run over by a recklessly driven vehicle.

The school authorities said they had complained about the misuse of footpath, leaving no space for the pedestrians.

They also alleged that the BBMP did little to their several complaints against the misuse of footpath.
Sources in the BBMP said, commercial buildings should reserve the basement of the building for parking of vehicles. But the norm is grossly ignored here.

The eating joints, where people spend a lot of time, are causing problem as the customers’ vehicles choke the footpath.


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