Monday, January 26, 2009

Walkers give morning walks a miss

Walkers give morning walks a miss
Fitness took a backseat as the death of their fellow walkers still haunts them

Life is not the same for the morning walkers in Indiranagar, especially for those residing at II Stage, after the fateful hitand-run case on Saturday. Many of them have still not recovered from the shock and decided to stay indoors instead of risk their lives by going for the morning walk.
Very few people went for their morning walk on Sunday. Obala Reddy, a regular morning walker for the past two decades, says, “Most of the walkers and their families are still in shock. The people cannot forget the incident easily and Dr Penathur’s body is yet to be cremated.”
As for him, he cannot miss the morning walk that has become a part of his life. “I will definitely miss my friends as they had been with me in the past 20 years, but life has to move on. In fact, I spoke to some other friends today and told them that we should resume our morning walk,” said Reddy.
Even those brave enough to go out for a walk avoided the roads. Prabhakar Patel, a neighbour of Siddaiah, said, “It was really sad to see the deserted roads this morning and some people walked inside the parks instead of walking on the roads.”
Director T N Seetharam, who walks in Lalbagh everyday, said, “Morning walks are essential for good health. But people should use parks instead of roads.”

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