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'Hyderabad very very close to Bangalore'

'Hyderabad very very close to Bangalore'
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Venkatesh Prasad Posted: Nov 22, 2008 at 1701 hrs IST
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: In an exclusive interview with Ashok Kumar, eminent cricketer Venkatesh Prasad hopes that Bangalore will rise above its restraints to prove itself as the IT hub of India.

Absolutely, there is no doubt that Bangalore is very much the IT hub of India. There are so many things which make us feel that Bangalore is rocking. Take for instance the number of political and corporate luminaries visiting Bangalore from all over the globe apart from so many things which keep happening here.

Hyderabad too, is fast developing as the IT sector hub and I feel it is very very close to Bangalore. There are many other visible factors to explain that (The progress of Hyderabad in the IT sector). Look at the polity of Andhra Pradesh which is so keen to develop the Information Technology sector in this state with special focus on Hyderabad.

Whatever Hyderabad is scoring over Bangalore in terms of IT sector it is because of the pro-active actions of the Government of Andhra Pradesh taken in that regard. I would like to share with you that once I was putting up at one of the hotels in Bangalore, where I came across the Chief Minister of Andhra who was in the city (YSR) to scout for some of the IT companies to Hyderabad. Such initiatives I feel make a lots of difference. Efforts made by Chandra Babu Nadu in this regard during his regime also set up strong foundations for what today is more readily being recognized as Cyberabad

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As far as I understand, things happened to Bangalore in a very dramatic way as far as IT boom is concerned. For example this boom which happened in the city in terms of IT sector was a sudden thing which took over the city in a very short period. Bangalore per se was not prepared to handle the IT influx at the rate at which it later on grew in the city.

Within a period of few years the city witnessed extensive transitions which took its natives and others too by surprise. This is not to say that the all the development happened by chance without the efforts of the government machinery. Of course the establishment in the form of the respective governments was always there.

Certain things or I should say the attributes of Bangalore came handy in giving a helping hand to the yet to grow quarters of Information Technology industry. Like the dwellers of the city are a broadminded people. Moreover it is one such place which is heads and shoulders above the limitations of regionalism.

The city boasts of a composite culture with the populace coming from all walks of life with people speaking Tamil, Telugu, English and Hindi in fairly large numbers and with equability. Greenery is another aspect which is a big attraction to the city. But it is very disturbing and it hurts to see people neglecting their responsibility towards greenery and cutting the trees incessantly.

Bangalore is having some natural edges over Hyderabad. One is it serene climate. Recently I happen to study a research which stated the real merit of Bangalore. The research clarified that people would like to stay in Bangalore even if they were out of jobs.

Bangalore has some inherent advantages in the field of Information and Technology having moved early on the path of speedy progress. Until others could recognize the potential of the IT sector Bangalore was already miles ahead. This makes it an obvious priority for any entrepreneur wanting to make it big in the field of IT.

I have no clues about the bearings of the political state on the IT sector both in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. But when I hear all such things happening as very important persons visiting Bangalore from around the world and delegates from all over the globe have the name of Bangalore in their itinerary whenever they are to pay a visit to India. All such things give clear indications to everyone including me as to where the city stands today in terms of reputation vis-a vis the IT sector.

But to sustain all these things in the future as well, Bangalore needs to refurbish itself. It needs to give special focus to airports. See flying today is no more a luxury which is why good airports have become a necessity. For these simple reasons you need to have very good airports as part of essential infrastructure.

Hyderabad is doing very well, no second thoughts about that. But to say that it is going to write off Bangalore in near future sounds something fancy. The pace at which things happened in Bangalore is something which does not happen in other second city.

Whatever the restraints which the city of Bangalore has as challenges in the present times could be done away with an active participation of the dwellers of Bangalore. Unless the common citizens rise against the ills of the city nothing much could really happen. Moreover the authorities on their part need to shed their complacency and show more accountability and responsibility to restore the faith and general goodwill of the people.

In the end I would cap it by saying that it is the people of the city who could make a difference by their role in making their place a better place to live in, at least, as far as possible. And as a Kannadiga I have a firm belief that Bangalore will rise above its restraints to prove itself in a more meaningful and vibrant way.

(As told to Ashok Kumar)


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i agree with u concluding statement too

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