Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bengaluru is darkest city of all

engaluru is darkest city of all

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Fretting over power disruptions is a daily ordeal for this city, but here’s a statistical translation: The number of ‘dark’ days in Bengaluru has reached seven this year. The highest ever in its history. A survey by Bangalore Electricity Supply Company in 2005 states that on an average there are three and a half ‘dark’ days in the city every year.

But, according to sources, power outage in one year in the city, which used to be 86 hours amounting to more than three and a half days, has doubled in 2008 to 180 hours making the number of dark days for the city 7.5. The world average stands at 12 minutes per year, while the Indian standard is between 50 and 115 hours. Tokyo’s annual outage is 8 minutes.

Bengalureans used to comfort themselves with the thought that other Indian cities are worse off. In annual hours of outage, Chennai records 115, Kolkata 90, Hyderabad 80, Delhi 70 and Mumbai 50. But this year with the state reeling under power shortage, the tech city has climbed to the top.


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