Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jayanagar complex rises from the ashes

Jayanagar complex rises from the ashes
Two Months After Blaze, Shopping Centre Is Buzzing Again Despite Lack of Electricity

Bangalore: A blazing fire in the middle of a quiet night about two months ago destroyed shops and goods at the Jayanagar Shopping Complex. Now, the place has limped backed to business.
Party accessories, shiny hats, glittery decor, artificial flowers and other paraphernalia catch the eye. Vendors call out to you to take a look at their wares. All is back to normal. Well, almost.
Several dozen shops in the complex do not have electricity connection yet. Nagesh, owner of a stationery shop, said power hadn’t been restored to about 90 shops. “We are sharing electricity with other shops that have power, with one tube light for each shop,” he said. The shop owners have come to an understanding, he adds, saying they pay the average bill amount they used to get, plus a little extra as goodwill.
Almost all shops have been functional for the past month and a half. Shivaraju, another shopkeeper, said power has been restored in some lines. The wiring has been done but connection is yet to be given. They do not know why there has been a delay or when it will be restored. Some parts of the building that caught fire have been white-washed and the wiring is being done. It is all bright and shiny on the surface.
Prakash Mandoth, president, Jayanagar Traders Association, said almost all the shops had opened. “Some are yet to get their power supply restored. We do not know why there is a delay,” he added.
The complex is abuzz. Shoppers haggle over prices, shop owners shake their heads in a firm no, but give in when customers walk away. A cursory look up at the ceiling, however, reveals the remnants of the fire that engulfed the complex. Some parts are still black with soot, tube lights have long wires to borrow power from neighbouring shop. Shop owners are trying to come to terms with the losses. It looks like it will be a while before things are totally like it used to be.


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