Friday, August 22, 2008

Easy does it: off the Namma Metro and on to a bus

Easy does it: off the Namma Metro and on to a bus

Anil Kumar Sastry

Design for the only ground-level metro station at Byappanahalli ready

A computer-generated model of the station

BANGALORE: While all the proposed stations of Namma Metro will either be elevated or underground structures, the Byappanahalli Metro Station will have the distinction of being the only at-grade station (meaning ground level) under Metro Phase I.

The design for this Rs. 53-crore station was approved at the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation’s board meeting here last week. The presence of the metro depot at Byappanahalli is the reason why the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd., (BMRCL) is to construct the station at-grade. The train, which will be running on elevated tracks till Byappanahalli, will descend through a 240-metre ramp to the ground near the station and thereafter enter the depot.

Instead of two platforms which all other stations will feature, the Byappanahalli Station will have an additional platform, featuring an island platform.

The third platform will facilitate easy exit of metro coaches from the depot and also enable faster boarding of passengers.

This location will also house one of the largest inter-modal traffic integration points in the city, where passengers can change from one mode of transport to the other, including the Railways, the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) and the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC).

BMRCL Director (Projects and Planning) B.S. Sudhir Chandra said that the station would be located on the north of the Old Madras Road, while the traffic integration point will be still north of this station.


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