Friday, August 22, 2008

BBMP's goof up!

BBMP's goof up!
The red fibre hoardings are gone from M G Road. We dont know whose idea it was in the first place, but it surely proves that the BBMP has run out of imagination.

Ostensibly done to beautify the City’s pothole-ridden pavements, it turned out to be not only an eyesore but also ate into the shrinking space of pedestrians.

The nine feet tall advertisement hoardings that sprung up overnight on several city pavements did more damage than good. Two hours after these pillars were erected on M G Road, one of them virtually came apart and fell on a bystanding car (KA 05 ME 1148) causing deep dents on it. The aghast car owner, a media professional was wondering what hit her car. A few pieces of debris around the car confirmed her doubts that it was the unfixed pillar that had damaged the car. While a case has been filed with the police, the BBMP remained nonchalant and disinterested in even hearing the lady out.

Sources in the BBMP say that 500 such hoardings were erected in the City. By late evening, 120 hoardings were removed and 380 are yet to be pulled down. Sources also say these hoardings, erected by Alesh Collections, were in total violation of the BBMP advertisement norms and only uglify the City. The total cost of these hoardings is Rs 5 lakh.

Besides damaging the private property, the pillars that were removed in a jiffy on Thursday afternoon damaged pavements and left uncleared debris.

Bangaloreans would definitely like to know who will repair the pavements and who gave the BBMP the right to encroach on pedestrians’ pathway?

This latest effort to beautify the City only shows that the BBMP was doing what it can do best: Messing up the City.


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