Monday, July 28, 2008

Techies prefer to stay indoors

Techies prefer to stay indoors

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The usual buzz in malls and other market places was missing as most techies preferred to spend their much awaited weekends at home after the serial blasts.

Most restaurants were sparsely populated and malls witnessed thin crowds on Saturday and Sunday.

While some of them have got official alerts from their companies asking them to avoid crowded places, others chose to stay back at home because they gauged the situation to be tense in the wake of the serial blasts.

“We have been getting many calls for home deliveries this weekend, and this has compensated for the loss in customers coming to our outlets,” said the employee of a Pizza Hut outlet in Koramangala.

This explains the extent to which techies have been terrorised due to the blasts.

Many are of the opinion that the fact that the Ahmedabad serial blasts happened just a day after Bengaluru is an indicator that terror still looms large over the city.

“With Independence Day approaching, there may be more such incidents. Terror attacks usually take place close to days which are of national importance, and Bengaluru seems to have emerged as a major terror hub after the IISc attacks.

So it is best to stay away from sensitive places which are likely terror targets,” said Amit Malhotra, who works with a noted MNC.

For some, the serial blasts have served as a major fear factor, so much so that they have decided to stay away from malls and other crowded places till the festival time is over.

“Starting now, till Diwali seems to be a very sensitive phase; so it’s best not to go to crowded public places.

We have decided to meet at a friend’s place for recreation during the ensuing weekends,” said Shreya Singh, a consultant with a software firm.

DVD-VCD parlours are getting good business as many techies have opted for sitting at home and watching movies rather than venturing out to crowded hangouts.

“This week my business has doubled, and people are taking not just one or two but more than four to five DVDS for weekend viewing,” said Shankarappa Chetty, owner of a DVD parlour in Koramangala.


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