Wednesday, July 23, 2008

HBR Layout: Water, water, everywhere...

HBR Layout: Water, water, everywhere...
Bangalore, DHNS:
Come rains, and waterlogging at HBR layout is inevitable. This was the case at this BDA layout on Sunday night too.

Water entered the compounds, filled the sumps with sewage, and entered the houses - a reminder of the state of the City’s infrastructure. The water gushed in after 10 pm, and there was little help available at that hour.
BBMP men from Byatarayanapura were at work on Monday morning, following the residents’ complaint to MLA K J George. They desilted the small drains running outside the houses. However, residents fear that the repair being carried out is just a quick-fix solution, and will help only temporarily.

Mohammed Anwar, President of this block residents’ welfare association, said that over 60 houses were affected by the downpour. “This problem has existed since 2005, and there has been no solution in sight,” he sighs.
The cause of the mess is a mammoth storm water drain that runs next to Ambedkar Medical College, and goes through areas in Bangalore East before ending at the railway gate on Nagawara Main Road.

Iqbal Ahmed, CEO of Anthrax Technologies said, “Only if the blockage in the huge drain is set right, will we get permanent relief.” The residents have bought canned water and are now cleaning their sumps individually.
“As Tuesday is a non-water day in our area, we plan to order drinking water through tankers, and fill up our sumps,” he added.

Chief Engineer, Storm Water Drains, P N Chikkarayappa said a permanent solution to set right the drain is in the offing.

“We had awarded a contract to build a retaining wall to an agency which has not implemented it. We are now withdrawing it, and will find another agency to implement it,” the Chief Engineer said.


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