Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fuel and patience burn here

Fuel and patience burn here

Bangalore: Angry drivers and tensed passengers on the road to BIA saw high volume traffic after Bellary Road was clogged for the third consecutive day.
The stretch from Cauvery underpass to CBI Junction near Ganganagar came to a standstill on Wednesday afternoon. Drivers switched off their engines and sat helplessly unable to do anything.
People going to the airport were in a state of disbelief when the traffic came to a stop from 3 pm. It also rained for some time. The spillover traffic soon choked the narrow road near IISc gate on Yeswanthpur Road.
The traffic stretched all the way up to JC Nagar police station from Mehkri Circle.
Traffic officials had a tough time controlling the huge vehicle line-up. The road works near CBI junction is being seen as the reason for the traffic mess.
On Monday, traffic on the same road was stopped due to waterlogging near CBI Junction, and even on Tuesday, traffic was held up for some time due to the road works.
Earlier, BBMP officials said no drains were connected between the Project Directorate Office of Biological Control and Ganganagar. “Now, it has been connected to solve the problem,” a BBMP official said. A reality check shows that the road work has turned into a mess leaving passengers stuck for several hours. The Hebbal Road that cuts through CBI Junction, which is handling the ‘magic box’ underpass work, is also chocked. When it rains, the mud pile from the underpass work gets washed on the road and narrows the lane, leading to slow traffic movement.
ACP (north) Chandrashekhar said traffic was hampered due to the road works going on near CBI Junction. “The slow traffic was due to the road which is being widened and whenever there is rain, it causes mud to pile up causing roadblock,” he said.
The traffic snarls continued till 7.30 pm and the situation did not improve. The effect of traffic chaos on Mehkri Circle was visible in other parts of the roads that had spillover traffic from Mehkri Circle.
There was slow traffic movement in Sadashivanagar Road, JC Nagar Road, BEL Circle on Ring Road leading to Hebbal Circle. Vehicles going to BIA were stuck in the jam and took every possible bylane to reach the airport on time.
“We will bring things under control very soon,” a traffic police official said.


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