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Chaos, 100 feet long

Chaos, 100 feet long

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“I gu ess we should now start renaming our roads. It should be called ‘Chaotic Road’ instead of 100 feet road,” said Nalini Kumari, a resident of the area.

Nalini is not the lone one to come up with such a suggestion. There are thousands more commuters and residents in this area who claim that the chaotic traffic limited designated surface and underground parking on the road is a recurring nightmare.

“Despite the BBMP making adherence to building by-laws mandatory as well as insisting on an adequate set back area and exclusive basement for parking , these norms have been openly flouted in connivance with BBMP authorities,” said chairperson of State Women’s Commission and a resident of Indiranagar Pramila Nesargi.

A stepped up vigil by the BBMP engineers would prevent buildings from being constructed without provision for parking in the basement and required set back. If the engineers ensure this, it solves the traffic problem in the city, she said.

Due to lack of parking area, people are forced to park on already uneven pavements and roads leading to traffic congestion.

“Traders who rent buildings have not provided parking space for their customers. If traders refuse to rent buildings which have no provision for parking, then the builder will be forced to provide for parking,” she said.

However, traders would not feel the pinch of crunch of parking space unless onstreet parking is discouraged.

Pedestrians and school children are the worst affected due to on street parking, which is blocking the already busy roads. This also leads to traffic congestion by shrinking the width of the road. To top it all, footpaths on either side of the roads are eaten away by vehicles parked by customers and by hawkers.

“Lives of children going to New Horizon School, located on Indiranagar 100 ft Road, are at risk. We are afraid to send our children alone to school and have to accompany them when they go to school and when they return,” said Mr R. Sharan Kumar.

At peak hours on Indiranagar 100 ft Road and CMH road, motorists are trapped in traffic for hours.

Traffic flow is erratic and controlling traffic is a tough job, said a traffic cop who regularly fines people for parking in the no parking area. “Where else can I park my two-wheeler? Half the road is occupied by cars and the other half is reserved for residents,” said Manohar Shetty, a resident of Indiranagar.

Shop owners simply do not want to tackle the problem, turning a blind eye to the parking mess on the road. A manager at the Reebok outlet, refusing to divulge his name, said since the parking is allowed on street and footpath, customers are not facing any problem.

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