Saturday, March 29, 2008

‘Underpass may cave in during monsoon’

‘Underpass may cave in during monsoon’
Friday March 28 2008 11:48 IST

Express News Service

BANGALORE: If a small non-seasonal rainfall has caused such a drastic damage to the highly-acclaimed underpass, monsoon showers would submerge the underpass, was the fear of onlookers and residents in the vicinity of the Cauvery Junction underpass.

Sinking of 2x10 ft block on the approach road of the underpass has sent shock waves among residents and shop keepers.

They say that during ‘instant’ underpass construction, they faced unconditional and uninformed power cut of over 12 days, not to mention dry taps. They fear that the worst will occur if the underpass collapsed during monsoons.

The unplanned underpass was built in a hurry without incorporating safety measures. Quality of the construction material used is also questionable, they said.

“Reviewing the present scenario, we fear the underpass will collapse during monsoons. Safety of commuters is questionable and BBMP officials do not respond to queries,” said Balakrishna, a resident.

City Bangalore Urban Unit BJP member Prakash said, BBMP had hastily completed the task to merely set a record rather without safety measures.

He demanded the suspension of the chief engineer in-charge. “The entire BBMP set up has lost its meaning under the bureaucratic set up. The Governor, should stop his transfer dhanda and concentrate on Bangalore development”.

Extreme lie, exaggerated truth

BBMP Commissioner S Subramanya told reporters that the underpass had been closed for routine maintenance.

The sinking of approach road within 35 days of construction is not called ‘routine’ maintenance. When the road sinks due to bad compaction, it is pure negligence.

A TV channel flashed the news that the underpass collapsed and that a constable died in the mishap.

When this reporter rushed to the spot, he found the constable, Nagaraj (on duty there) enjoying a panipuri at the Cauvery Theatre premise. He denied that he had been killed!

Boxes won’t collapse

Engineering experts say that box structures in reinforced concrete and arches are the strongest of all elements and that the box portion of the underpass would not collapse in normal circumstances.


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