Sunday, March 09, 2008

A trial for BIAL

A trial for BIAL
DH News Service, Bangalore:
The promoters of the Bengaluru International Airport in Devanahalli might be adamant at stopping all commercial flight movements from the HAL Airport after it starts commercial operations from March 30 onwards. However, on Friday it had to take the services of the HAL Airport to conduct its flight trials...

As part the flight trials, a Air Deccan flight from the present airport took off to land at green field airport.

Though scheduled to take off from the HAL Airport at 10 am and to arrive at the new airport at 10.20 am, the Air Deccan flight took-off from the HAL airport at 10.50 am and arrived at the new airport only at 11.20 am.

Soon after taking off from the HAL Airport, the Deccan flight piloted by Captain Pratap Deshpande embarked on one of the briefest sorties which lasted for about 20 minutes before it touched down at the new International Airport tarmac.


There was apprehension among the passengers on-board as to what was in store at the new airport. On the return journey, again the flight which was scheduled to depart at 12.30 pm could only departed at 1.40 pm.

Finally, as the aircraft landed at the runway at the HAL airport, the passengers aboard the aircraft clapped and cheered loudly, as landing and take-off from long-delayed Bengaluru International Airport finally become a reality.


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