Saturday, March 29, 2008

Minister’s assurance

Minister’s assurance

K H Muniyappa, Union minister of state for surface transport and highways, says the project to widen the Benniganahalli rail-over-road bridge was recently sanctioned. The bridge is on a national highway, so it comes under the Centre’s purview and not that of the state. Muniyappa said his ministry will fund the project and the Railways will implement it.
“The Railways will start work very shortly,” he told TOI on Friday. His regional officer R K Pandey said the same thing. We have heard many such statements in the past from different quarters. So, whether this time it will be any better, we’ll know only when we see axes and shovels at work at the spot. We tried to verify the statement from the Railways. But ran against a wall. Various officials said they didn’t know anything about it.
So, keep your fingers crossed.


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