Saturday, March 29, 2008

Better roads in rural parts

Better roads in rural parts

There is something in store for people of 110 villages that are a part of Greater Bangalore now. Approach roads to villages that have been integrated with BBMP will be improved with an allocation of Rs 20 crore for the purpose. The link from Banaswadi-Horamavu-Jayanthigram-Thanisandra up to Billasival Rampura Cross, a stretch of 7 km, is one such road identified for upgradation.
BBMP has also increased allocation for development works for the five new zones by 245%, from a total expenditure of Rs 116 crore in the previous year to approval of works worth Rs 401 crore during 2007-08. A total of 3,958 works will fall under this allocation. After the BBMP introduced five new zones under its jurisdiction, a number of development works were taken up in 2007-08 towards provision of better roads, drains, streetlights, water supply and waste disposal.
Recognising the need to provide better infrastructure and civic services, a fresh allocation of Rs 225 crore has also been made. The BBMP has also proposed to take additional works in the course of the year depending on the buoyancy of resources.


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