Wednesday, December 26, 2007


The BBMPs decision to widen roads in various parts of Bangalore has received mixed response from the residents...

The BBMP’s decision to widen roads in various parts of Bangalore has received mixed response from the public. Though many people opined that widening of roads was not the solution to ease traffic congestion, others felt that it was necessary provided the Palike planned and executed it properly.

Kathriguppe main road and Mount Joy Road are among the 85 roads identified by the Palike for widening. As per its plan the roads will be widened up to 24 metres. Many residents and shop- keepers felt that widening of these roads was not required. A few questioned Palike’s plan of going ahead with the process when the property owners were not ready to surrender their property.

Moreover, one side of the Mount Joy Road has a series of residential buildings and the residents have objected to the demolishing of their buildings by the Palike.

“If we look at some of the earlier projects initiated by the Palike, especially the road works, we can find lot of lapses. Most of the recently completed roads have already developed potholes, making it difficult for the motorists and pedestrians especially during the monsoon season. Therefore, before the Palike initiates any new project let them first make the existing roads better," said a resident of Kathriguppe main road.

With the widening of the road at Kathriguppe rash driving and accident cases have only increased, he added.
Moreover, the shop owners on Kathriguppe main road wanted to know why the Palike wanted to widen the road when it had extended it a few months ago. "If the Palike had plans to widen the road, then why are they giving permission to so many buildings to come up on the road?" they asked.

However, they felt that widening of the road was required near Vidyapeeta Circle, as Kathriguppe main road started near Vidyapeeta Circle and the road in that stretch was too narrow.

Palike Chief Engineer (Major Roads) Krishna Reddy said that widening of roads will be taken up in a phased manner. "Currently, widening of seven roads is in progress. In the first phase, works for 35 roads will be taken up.
At present the Palike is concentrating on inviting applications for Transferable Development Rights (TDR) process from owners of properties, which are facing the roads identified for widening. Unless the alignment is finalised, it is difficult to inform about the property that would be affected by road widening," he said.

Deccan Herald interacted with a few residents and shop-keepers of
KathSSriguppe main road and Mount Joy road regarding the widening of the road. Here are their opinions:


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