Saturday, November 24, 2007

Crackdown soon on speculative buyers of BDA plots

Crackdown soon on speculative buyers of BDA plots
Friday November 23 2007 10:07 IST

Bosky Khanna
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BANGALORE: The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) proposes to amend the BDA Act to curb speculative blocking of it’s sites. Commissioner of the development authority M K Shankarlinge Gowda told this paper that such a measure was long overdue as the sky rocketting prices of land in the City had fuelled many malpractices.

The BDA will also survey the City to ascertain if the sites it had allotted were legitimately used.

BDA sells sites to those who have none at subsidised rates but lately some people had bought sites based on fudged documents and had left them unused apparently to sell them at a later date at market increased rates.

The BDA will forfeit sites of people if they do not construct homes within the prescribed period of three years after buying the site. As a first step the BDA has issued notices to 11,000 allottees in Anjanapura block 1- 8.

This step is being taken to ensure that there are no speculative retentions. Apart from Anjanapura, other areas which the BDA will survey include Visveswaraya layout, parts of Banshankari and HBR Layout and other layouts in Bangalore East.

Gowda said that this was the first time the BDA has decided to take action against the greedy. “We are forced to forfeit sites if houses are not constructed within the prescribed duration.” he said.

Mere fencing of vacant sites will not help. Cleanliness and maintenance of the site is the responsibility of the allottee.

BDA is providing all basic facilities like water and electricity connection, sanitation and drainage facilities.

People must come forward and occupy the purchased sites while paying the property tax, he said. The amendment would be proposed in the next meeting of BDA board, said Gowda.


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