Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tree debris being cleared

Tree debris being cleared

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Police Department yet to clear branch that crashed near BRV Parade Grounds

The tale of two trees: The tree which fell a fortnight ago near the BRV Parade Grounds is yet to be cleared (left); workers clearing the tree on Queen’s Road which fell on an autorickshaw on Saturday killing a passenger.

Bangalore: Work has started on clearing the remains of the branch of the mango tree on Queens Road near the Chinnaswamy Stadium that killed an autorickshaw passenger on Saturday.

Two days after the tragedy, work on clearing the debris is on in full swing and, according to the people labouring over the job, it should take another day.

Traffic on the lane reserved for autorickshaws has been blocked temporarily to facilitate smooth execution of the job.

According to Shekhar, the contractor employed to clear the dead foliage and branches on Queens Road: “The part of the tree that is still standing poses a grave threat and can fall any time. It must be cut immediately.”

Incidentally, an equally gigantic branch crashed down in the Police Parade Grounds opposite the erstwhile BRV cinema over a fortnight ago. Luckily, the branch did not fall on the road.

When contacted, Deputy Conservator of Forests Krishna D. Udupudi said: “The tree is on police land and it is their responsibility to clear it. But if they are interested, our department is willing to help them finish the job … they have not yet contacted us for help.”

He said the matter had been raised with the police department.


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