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BIAL Board to consider design change

BIAL Board to consider design change

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The Union Civil Aviation Ministry had made a proposal in this regard

Ministry had spoken about the ‘factory look’ of original design
Main grouse of Ministry is on the architecture and structure of the terminal building

BANGALORE: Another design change is in the offing for the Bangalore International Airport at Devanahalli.

The BIAL Board which met here on Friday opted to consider the changes proposed recently by the Union Civil Aviation Ministry. But the changes will be within the framework of the April 2, 2008 deadline set for the airport’s launch and will depend a lot on the “unutilised budgets.”

The board authorised the BIAL management to initiate “appropriate measures” to comply with the recommendations of the Ministry to the extent possible.

Contractual obligations would also be considered by the BIAL management before effecting the changes, a senior official of the Board told The Hindu.

In a letter to the BIAL on May 11, the Ministry had sought changes in the design as the original design gave it a ‘factory look’ and lacked the “human touch.”

The Ministry had also noted that there was “ample scope” for increasing the capital investment to implement the suggestions without adversely affecting the BIAL finances.

It also suggested construction of a canopy to protect the South-facing terminal from lashing of heavy rain. But the board felt there was no chance of flooding or rainwater entering the terminal.

Still, construction of the canopy was under board’s active consideration, the official said.

The main grouse of the Ministry was on the architecture and structure of the terminal building, which it said extremely rectilinear and very clinical in nature.

Besides, the partition building was predominantly rectilinear and lacked interest. The observations were formulated after a visit by Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel and Secretary Ashok Chawla to the airport site.

The Ministry had also sought changes in the departure section as the staircase and escalator that the passengers would use to ascend towards the aircraft boarding area were “frightfully close to each other”.
Trumpet interchange

Chief Secretary P.B. Mahishi, who attended the meeting, told The Hindu that apart from the design change, the BIAL Board had said it would consider the Government’s proposal to be a partner in the construction of the proposed approach road to the international airport from the city. The Government had urged the BIAL to be an equity partner in the project.

Mr. Mahishi further said the work on the trumpet interchange connecting NH 7 and the international airport would begin from June 28.

The foundation stone for the project was laid on Friday, he added.


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