Tuesday, October 24, 2006

BMP to regularise deviations

BMP to regularise deviations
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: The contractors and builders can now breathe a sigh of relief while constructing their building as the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BMP) has found a way out to solve the increasing problems of deviation in the buildings, even those under construction.

The Strategy for Regularisation Act, under the Town and Country Planning Act will allow the deviations to 25 per cent in commercial and 50 per cent in residential buildings. ‘‘This act is likely to be announced and enforced in a fortnight,’’ BMP Commissioner K Jairaj told this website’s newspaper on Monday.

The Act will enable the BMP to regularise deviations, up to a particular limit. ‘‘The Bill who was passed in the Belgaum session is awaiting Governor’s assent,’’ he said.

‘‘The Act will help in creating a climate for compliance and provide legal provisions for deviations to a permissible limit. It will scrutinise the deviations, enforcing people to follow it on face value,’’ Jairaj said.

The Act will also enable builders and constructors to abide by the law and not create any complications. The BMP will check the buildings and construction sites on regular basis regarding the abidance of the regulations.

‘‘The assessment will involve the amount due and compound it to the guidance value. The calculations of deviations will be announced after the Act is enforced,’’ he added. Jairaj added that the regulation formalities would be checked after three months of enforcement. The people will be educated about the regulations, through a campaign.


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