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‘Allow private buses to operate’

‘Allow private buses to operate’
Deccan Herald, in its Sunday edition, carried an article on the vehicular traffic congestion in the central business district of the Bangalore City. Our readers have sent their reactions/suggestions to overcome the problems. Here are some of them.

Raise taxes on goods

The government should raise taxes on goods sold in retail outlets in CBD areas, so that shoppers are forced to shop in other areas selling similar goods.

Also, taking over Manekshaw Grounds is not a solution at all. Manekshaw Grounds is about two centuries old and is part of the military establishment which stretches all the way from Ulsoor to Chinnaswamy Stadium.

Any interference will break the contiguity of military lands and will expose the army camp (Abdul Karim Barracks, also known as Baird Barracks) on Cubbon Road. This will be a massive security risk in these days of terrorist attacks. It is easy to snoop at the army camp on Cubbon Road from the parade grounds or carry out a suicide attack using an explosive-laden vehicle. Moreover, the army needs it for its marches, parades, training and for trying out its vehicles.

The land taken over at Mekhri circle was part of the army’s residential quarters and had a long road frontage. It does not pass by any vital army camp and cannot endanger any defence facility unlike the Manekshaw Parade Grounds which is situated close to many vital army facilities. Also, the Manekshaw Parade Grounds and the Cariappa Park are the only lung spaces in the MG Road area.

The State Government should increase the number of buses in Bangalore or allow private buses to operate after due checks to ensure road worthiness of both crew and machine. This is the only way to decongest the CBD as well as other roads in the city.

—Dr Asha Mary Mathew

(East Orange, New Jersey, USA )

Introduce monorail

Bangalore has lost its old charm. It will henceforth be known as the ‘Traffic Choked City’ instead of the Garden City. Introduce Monorail from all important roads with adequate parking facility and connect them to a net-worked bus service like in Singapore. Have the Majestic-like termini on the outskirts of the City. Reduce the registration of new autos.

—V K Rajan

Parking space needed

The main cause of this problem is lack of parking space. The government must construct a multi-storey parking space with half the funds collected from shopowners and the other half funded by the Government. The width of the footpath must be increased to accommodate more pedestrians. Private vehicles must be barred on these roads on weekends, except ambulances and vehicles of the disabled.



Parking lots

I am a Bangalorean living in Dubai. I feel multi-storied parking lots in busy commercial areas may solve the problem of traffic congestion. This system has worked very well in Dubai.


Dubai, UAE

Learn fromKolkata

Firstly, I feel the monopoly of the BMTC should be abolished. BMTC fares are exorbitant as compared to fares in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Also, we must learn from the Kolkata’s transportation system. There are various choices like ordinary, special, limited, non-stop, greenline, double decker, private bus, minibus, trams and taxi cars for the public to choose from in Kolkata. The ‘share autos’ used in the outskirts of Kolkata can also be a good example to emulate. The State Government should allow private parties to introduce such transport systems to encourage competition.

People are forced to use private vehicles, which are faster and cheaper due to lack of good connectivity of BMTC. Before private vehicles are banned, the government should provide sufficient number of buses.

John C J

Cancel permits

I suggest that the BMP impose conditions on the mall/mart/shop owners on Brigade Road for providing parking facilities in their buildings. The parking on either side of the road should be prohibited. Where the mall/mart/shop owners fail to make provision, their license to carry on the business should be cancelled.

At the same time, the BMP should also provide parking places by constructing multi-storeyed buildings so that vehicles like four-wheelers and two-wheelers could be parked at different levels. Access to the different levels of parking must be provided by ramp, with automatically operated gates.

K V Nagaraj



Bangalore’s central business district stares at imminent saturation, as shopper rush and traffic snarls redefine chaos on M G Road, Brigade Road and Commercial Street. While stakeholders pursue quick-fix alternatives, long-term solutions continue to be elusive. Starting today, Deccan Herald brings to you a series on the issues that plague the commercial hub of your City. Have your say. If you have suggestions to decongest these three roads, write in your concerns/suggestions to the Editor, Deccan Herald, 75 M G Road, Bangalore — 560 001 or email: editor@deccanherald.co.in


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