Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Shivajinagar subway shut after vandal menace

Shivajinagar subway shut after vandal menace
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: The menace of anti-social elements has forced the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) to close the Shivajinagar subway. BMTC sources told this this website's newspaper that the nuisance was beyond its control and the police.

The subway was part of the renovation work of Shivajinagar bus terminus taken up a few years ago. The underground facility was to facilitate pedestrian movement across the road from the bus terminus.

However, the people opine that there was no need of the subway to the narrow street and hence, pedestrians do not use the subway to cross the road.

The subway became a nuisance since the time it was built as it was taken over by anti-social elements. The terminus, which sees over three lakh commuters a day, is patrolled by only two policemen at any given time.

BMTC was even considering setting up illuminated kiosks to attract pedestrians, but later dropped the idea. The gate, which is closed, comes under the Commercial Street police station limits.

According to police, the BMTC has closed the shutters to avoid the nuisance created by some miscreants. They also told this this website's newspaper that the place was rendered dirty by miscreants.

But, the police still maintain that the entrance is open during the day, which vendors near the subway deny.


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