Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Right to Know

The Right to Know
New Indian Express

Traffic must be evenly distributed:

Instead of easing the traffic, Anand Rao Circle flyover has added to the chaos. The inauguration of the flyover has not provided relief to commuters, but has increased their woes. A traffic bottle-neck has been caused at the Maharani junction and KR Puram junction.

But here all the traffic from Rajajinagar, Basaveshwarnagar and Mahalakshmi layout prefer to use the flyover since the road towards here is better. The roads such as Sankey road and roads leading from Malleshwaram and Yeshwantpur are already saturated. So vehicles take the flyover. The traffic moves well on the flyover, but creates congestion at Maharani Circle.

Traffic must end at the Central Business District (CBD). But here when the traffic reaches KR Puram Circle, traffic doesn’t end but starts. This has become a bottle neck. For this traffic must be evenly distributed in the CBD area. The roads must be widened.

(M T Nayak Chief Traffic Warden, and former DCP (Traffic)).


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